Yo-Kai Watch Yo-Kai Spots Locations Guide: Hidden Yo-Kai and Rewards

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Yo-Kai Watch Battle  

In Yo-Kai Watch, players can use their lens to find Yo-Kai hidden around town. Yo-Kai can disguise themselves as objects and finding them will earn you rewards.

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Yo-Kai Watch Yo-Kai Spots Locations

You can complete these activities as many times you wish. This means more Yo-Kai can appear in the same area, so keep coming back to check that location and its surrounding.

Children at Play
Yo-Kai are masters of disguise and can hide themselves as objects. In Uptown Springdale, Yo-Kai are disguised as human-shaped signboards. Look for such boards to trigger a fight.

E Rank for Yo-Kai Watch is required and you can trigger this fight anytime of the day. You will also earn rewards after defeating Yo-Kai in the area.

Yo-Kai in the area / Rewards:

  • Pandle (can be befriended after battle) – Plain Ring
  • Manjimutt – Milk
  • D’wanna Getaway – Plush
  • Wazzat – Y-Cola
  • Leadoni (can be befriended after battle) – Staminum

Stuck in a Dark Place
There are six Yo-Kai hidden in two Blossom Heights dungeons. They are disguised as garbage cans and you will need E Rank on Yo-Kai Watch to trigger the fight. They can be visited anytime of the day.

Yo-Kai in the area / Rewards:

  • Hungramps – Plum Rice Ball
  • Ake (can be befriended after battle) – Nasty Medicine
  • Droplette – VoltXtreme
  • Dulluma – SmallEXPorb
  • Coughkoff (can be befriended after battle) – Bronze Doll
  • Grainpa (can be befriended after battle) – Shrimp Rice Ball

Grainpa is a rare Yo-Kai so try to befriend it.

I Wanna Play Too!
Visit the Uptown Springdale’s Triangle Park and look for a swing with brown and yellow poles.

It is a Yo-Kai and in order to trigger the battle with it, make sure you have faced Cadin. Watch Rank should be D for this one. You can trigger the fight anytime of the day.

Yo-Kai in the area / Rewards:

  • Cadin (can be befriended after battle) – MediumEXPorb
  • Walkappa – Cucumber
  • Wiglin – Dancing Star
  • Draggie – Gooey Candy

Mail Call!
Uptown Springdale plays host to Yo-Kai disguised at Posts. Make your Watch Rank is D if you wish to trigger the fight.

Yo-Kai in the area / Rewards:

  • Lafalotta (can be befriended after battle – Nasty Medicine
  • Tattletell – Potsticker
  • Heheheel – Chicken Thigh
  • Peckpocket – MediumEXPorb
  • Wantston – Bronze Doll

Making friends with Lafalotta won’t hurt your game, so try doing that. It can be combined with Tattletell FYI!

Such a Blessing
There is a Yo-Kai in Blossom Heights and Mt. Wildwood, that is disguised as a Deity Statue. There are around six possible places it may appear, so look carefully. Once you do find it, make sure the Watch Rank is D.

Yo-Kai in the area / Rewards:

  • Lodo – 10-Cent Gum
  • Komasan – Bronze Doll

Coiled and Ready
Visit the Byrd House to find a Yo-Kai disguised as a mosquito coil.

During this activity, only one type of Yo-Kai is going to appear, meaning you won’t be able to trigger the battle more than once. Also, you will need E Rank on the Watch to face this one.

Yo-Kai in the area / Rewards:

  • Negatibuzz can be befriended after battle) – Hermes Badge

Weighing In
In the Baths of Springdale Hot Springs, a Yo-Kai has disguised itself as a scale.

As before, use the lens to find it and trigger the battle if the Watch Rank is D. Make sure you visit the location only in daytime.

Yo-Kai in the area / Rewards:

  • Chatalie – Custard Bread x10

Pardon Our Dust
Downtown Springdale hides a yellow worker signboard that appears at different locations such as near the railway tracks  You’ll need C Rank on the Watch to face this one.

Yo-Kai in the area / Rewards:

  • Undy – SmallEXPorb
  • Mad Mountain – Strength Talisman
  • Payn – Bronze Doll
  • Rockabelly (can be befriended after battle) – Dancing Star x3
  • Elloo (can be befriended after battle) – Bitter Medicine

The Big Blue
Rolling Waves Park in Downtown Springdale has some suspicious looking Inner floating tubes. You know what this means, Yo-Kai! Use your lens, make sure watch rank is C before you go into battle.

Keep in mind that the weather needs to be clear otherwise those tubes won’t appear.

Yo-Kai in the area / Rewards:

  • Daiz – 10-Cent Gum
  • Shmoopie – MediumEXPorb

Hi Score
Visit Arcadia Arcade and use your lens to find the Yo-Kai on the arcade games. C rank is required on the watch and you can visit the arcade anytime of the day.

Yo-Kai in the area / Rewards:

  • Tantroni – Armor Charm

Yo-kai is disguised as a Bicycle in the Shopper’s Row. There are five possible locations so keep an eye out for Bicycles when you are in the area.

Yo-Kai in the area / Rewards:

  • Signibble – Spirit Talisman
  • Chansin (can be befriended after battle) – Use Karate
  • Chippa – Dancing Star
  • Illoo (can be befriended after battle) – Skill Encyclopedia
  • Cynake – Bronze Doll

Black and White
There is a park southeast of Tranquility Apartments, you will notice a black and white Panda. You guessed it, it is a Yo-kai and you will need Watch Rank C to trigger the fight anytime of the day.

Yo-Kai in the area / Rewards:

  • Chummer – Black Syrup x20 and Fish Bait x20
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