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How do you get general fuziki

TIME : 2016-1-8 15:03:57
How do you get general fuziki
Good Question,
You Need 3 seeds called,
Plated seed
Warrior Seed
Black Moon Orchid
To get plated seed you need to have snookums as a moshling.
You have to click on snookums 10 times and he drops a plated seed.
To get the warrior seed you need to have burnie, click on burnies head and he spins around and then drops a warrior seed.
To get a black moon orchid, you will need a moon orchid and a hot silly pepper.
Drag the hot silly pepper to your garden a plant it.
Make sure its grows into a black hot silly pepper.
Then when fully grown into a black hot silly pepper drag the moon orchid onto it ,
And it will tur into a black moon orchid.
Then plant the plated seed the warrior seed next tothe black moon orchid.
Then wait 5H 27 Minutes and 11 seconds for the plant to grow.
When you have waited go back to your garden . all your plants have bite marks in them.
Cluekoo says he saw general fuzkuiki come and eat your plants and he made his way to the volcano.
You have to be a super moshi.
Then got the volcano , through the secret door and it pops up with would you like to keep general fuzuki as a moshling. Press yes!
Hope this helped .
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