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Alien Rage - Unlimited Walkthrough Infiltration

TIME : 2015-12-15 14:13:39
Alien Rage - Unlimited Walkthrough Infiltration

Follow the on screen tips and go towards the objective marker

First enemies show up now, shoot the glowing red stuff for it to explode

After you cleared the area move on towards the marker

The first of many, use the elevator to move on

If there is a large wave of enemies there is probably explosives near them to kill them all with it

Shoot the explosives to destroy the windows

Go through the doors on the end of the catwalk

Alien Rage - Unlimited Walkthrough Intimidation

Go through the door

Take the machinegun

And now use it to drop hell on your enemies

Elevator time

Go from cover to cover and shoot the boss when its not shooting you

Alien Rage - Unlimited Walkthrough Escape

Go across the bridge

After you are done with shooting things in your way go in to the elevator

Kill the 2 guys instead of trying to destroy the entire, uhm, flying platform

Alien Rage - Unlimited Walkthrough Detour

Start making your way towards the marker and kill aliens in your way

Continue what you were doing

If you want, there is a sniper rifle next to one of the boxes, but I prefer a shotgun and riffle

Again, walk towards the objective and kill more aliens

Use the console and get ready to fight

There is going to be a lot of this things, just stay in cover and shoot them, but also hope to god that they don't turn you in to swiss cheese

After that, go and destroy the reactor

Shoot it and go back out

Alien Rage - Unlimited Walkthrough Marathon

Oh god, more enemies, if you aren't sick of the artifical dificulty yet, you will start soon, go and clear the aliens and continue to the objective

Don't get too close to him so you don't burn yourself, kill him and the fire will magicly disapear

Turret type of thing, shoot at the red part to destroy it

After you clear the area a part of the platform will drop so you can move on

More generic fighting, go in to cover and take them out one by one

Easy boss, shoot him and when go starts flying run around like a mad man to avoid the bullets

Alien Rage - Unlimited Walkthrough Gateway

Use the machine gun to clear the enemies and be quick because this si the point where the artificial dificulty really kicks it, they will melt you if you're not quick enough

There are lots of explosvies in this area, try to shoot them first and then kill those that survive

Get on to the other one

As soon as you see the tanks start shooting

And the moment it explodes turn around and destroy the one on the other side

Try to kill them before you are next to them, the platform might block some bullets when you're next to them, aim around the area that holds the platform to the rail

Clear the area and move on

Boss time

Stay behind cover and shoot him, as he gets near start going around your cover

Destroy the generators so he doesnt heal

Alien Rage - Unlimited Walkthrough Meltdown

Kill aliens in your way and go towards the marker

Use the pad next to the door to open them

Another elevator

A few turrets, shoot the red area

Boss time, same as all, take cover and shoot him

He will try and fix himself after he takes a certain amoung of damage

Alien Rage - Unlimited Walkthrough Sabotage

Now we start off with an elevator

New toy, go in to the mech

The flying platform hurts A LOT, stand below it so they can't hit you and unload in to it

Go around and kill aliens

Shoot the explosives to drop a bridge for yourself

Shoot the yellow rocket pads on its shoulders

Then the glowing yellow area on its chest

And then some more

Alien Rage - Unlimited Walkthrough Revelation

Make your way to the marker and kill aliens

Yes, that is another elevator

Clear the area

Lots of rocker ammo in the area, use it to destroy the mech, and yes you go in to an elevator after that

No you don't get to go outside

Shoot the explosive to get to the next area and finish the level

Alien Rage - Unlimited Walkthrough Breakout

Guess what, run to the marker and kill enemies

Its a boss

Just run around to avoid the fire and put lots of bullets in to him

After that more run and gun

Alien Rage - Unlimited Walkthrough Ascent

Shoot the things that have big markers around them


Shoot the explosives to kill all of them

Use the console and move on

Alien Rage - Unlimited Walkthrough Assault

Drop down, kill enemies

After you're done killing go to the consoles on both sides and use them to drop the force field stopping you from getting to the next area

Kill this one guy and go to the chair

Go around and click each of the consoles

Don't touch the orange things they will kill you

Drop down and massacre the aliens

Again boss time

Stay in cover and shoot him, just like all the others

Alien Rage - Unlimited Walkthrough Extraction

Final boss

Clear the area

And then fight the boss

After you repeat that twice its time to make run for it

Disregard all enemies and run

Congrats, your friends are going to come for you know and you're safe