Beat the Boss 3 Cheats, Tips & Hack for Coins & Diamonds -

TIME : 2015-12-17 16:39:12

Beat the Boss 3 Cheats, Tips & Hack for Coins & Diamonds

With over 50 million downloads it’s obvious that developers, Game Hive Corporation, have struck a universal cord with their game “Beat the Boss 3”. Beat the Boss 3 is available for iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later, and it is optimized for the iPhone 5; it is also available for Android devices on version 2.3 and later. It boasts a 4.3 on the Google play store and a 4.5 on the iTunes store.

Beat the Boss 3 is free to download and offers in app purchases for the in- game currency “coins” , and the second premium currency “diamonds” at prices ranging from $1.99 to $49.99. Beat the Boss 3 is highly recommended for mature users only, those aged 17 and older, due to crude language, frequent drug and alcohol references, simulated gambling, realistic violence, as well as cartoon violence.

The basic premise behind Beat the Boss 3 is that you are one of the many people who for some reason is frustrated with their boss, through Beat the Boss 3 you can express some of that anger by inflicting intense violence on your “boss” character in the game, thus relieving your anxiety in a non-harmful way.

In the game itself you are in your boss’s office and he is standing in front of you ranting and raving, but little does he know you have an arsenal of weapons and devices at your disposal which will ultimately annihilate him. In the window towards the front of the office you can see your coworkers curiously peeking as you pummel your boss with weapons ranging from a hot cup of coffee to military grade explosives. Occasionally they cheer and jeer as you put this man through all sorts of physical torture.

However, the setting doesn’t have to be in the office, take your boss across the globe and mercilessly thrash them for not giving you that promotion you deserve. Also, the appearance of your boss doesn’t have to be static, change their appearance to accurately match whoever you have in mind for the true voodoo doll experience.

Beat the Boss 3 Hack for Coins & Diamonds

Beat the Boss 3 is the third game in this popular franchise. In order to win, you’ll need a lot of coins and diamonds. They’re not that easy to come by. Download our free Beat the Boss 3 hack tool now, directly from our website, to easily get diamonds and coins.

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Beat the Boss 3 Tips and Cheats

These next few cheats and tips will help you out a lot in gaining coins and diamonds an all the weaponry your vengeful heart desires.

When starting out, don’t get too caught up on purchasing all the weapons, frankly some of them aren’t all that great, like the squeaky hammer, and when you’re starting out you want to save your coins so you can buy the better weapons later on. Regardless which weapon is your weapons of choice, you’ll be making most of your income from how much you beat your boss, not how you beat your boss.


Diamonds are the premium currency so of course you want the most you can possibly get, the est cheat to get the most diamonds is simply to keep beating your boss. As you get stronger and gain new experience points and upgrade in levels, you will be handsomely rewarded with those diamonds you so covet. For example, for every five levels that you reach, you get free diamonds, how great is that! The stronger you are the more diamonds you get, experience is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to Beat the Boss 3.


A good tip for conserving money and simultaneously getting more skill points is to upgrade the weapons and tools you currently have rather than buying newer ones. If you upgrade your already owned items that means you have more high level items, it you were instead to just keep buying new weapons you will have a lot of lower grade weapons which are much weaker as opposed to several higher grade weapons.

Throughout Beat the Boss 3 you will be given various objectives to accomplish, these range from inflicting a certain amount of damage to specializing in a certain weapons class etc. These objectives will earn you much needed gems, xp, and coins so exploit them as much as possible.

Earning coins the old fashioned way is always great and charming in its own way but to get free coins, an offer I’m sure not many will refuse, simply watch a few advertisements and get 200 coins for each ad you watch!

Beat the Boss 3 Review

I found Beat the Boss 3 to be a very entertaining game and I certainly understand many of the aspects that allowed it to become such a popular game worldwide. Beat the Boss 3 touches at a very common issue in society, people hating their bosses, and approaches it in a very fun, lighthearted, and stress relieving way.



Beat the Boss 3 is a great way to take out some of your anger on the authority figure of your choice without having to deal with real world repercussions that would occur if you were to actually confront that authority figure. Beat the Boss 3 has a quirky yet enduring sense of humor about it, in the app store description they quip “your boss knows you’re playing Beat the Boss 3 and there’s nothing he can do about it”.

Gameplay was generally fun however there were a few things which should have been resolved considering the popularity of this game. For example, Beat the Boss 3 lets you customize the boss character with both male and female clothing options, however, even if your character is dressed in exclusively feminine clothing, looks like a woman, and is clearly intended to be a woman, the voice doesn’t change whatsoever and the character still sounds like a man.

There’s no way the developers at Game Hive Corporation thought that all bosses were men, as they included plenty of outfits for women, but it seems amateurish to not have two separate voices to represent the two genders that could be selected.



Furthermore, although Game Hive Corporation boasts “realistic physics” as one of its most attractive traits on Beat the Boss 3, the physics were more representative of life on Mars than on Earth with characters bouncing wildly around the room, often spontaneously.

Lastly, although Beat the Boss 3 isn’t intended to be more than a fun game you play on the side, it surprisingly has almost no depth whatsoever. Essentially all you do is beat the boss, again, and again, and again. Although there are objectives and weapons upgrades, as well as new locations to unlock, these are in no way motivators for long term play of an otherwise one dimensional game.


Artwork 4/10

2 dimensional characters were highly reminiscent of south park’s character style, very amateurish in appearance and the physics were not as claimed to be.

Sound/ Special Effects 6/10

The special effects and sounds for the weapons were remarkable, still there were no other sounds in the game, making for quite the silent and sometimes awkward experience when someone walks into the room and all they can hear are slapping sounds or the sounds of breaking glass coming from your phone.

Story/ Originality 10/10

Although it draws on a very common sentiment, it is itself a very unique game and is truly one of a kind, thus explaining the many knock-offs and mirror projects .

Gameplay 8/10

Gameplay was fun light, and humorous. Controls were incredibly easy to master and highly intuitive.

Addictiveness 4/10

Addictiveness requires some motivation for playing, and unless someone really extremely hated their boss I couldn’t  see any motivation for playing this game for an extended period of time due to how one dimensional it is.