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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – Naval Contracts Guide

TIME : 2015-12-14 17:30:47

Naval contracts are side missions you can complete in the new Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag game. These 15 missions take place on the high seas, and you’ll need to take on other ships in the missions. Naval contracts unlock as you begin to conquer naval forts, and completing them can get you tons of money. Completing all 15 also gets you the “Sea Legs” trophy or achievement, and it unlocks the Golden Flintlock pistols.

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General Tips

Naval battles can’t be rushed. Be patient and take your time to ensure you are in a good spot for protecting your ship and firing weapons at the enemy. Weapons tend to do most damage when you are broadside to another ship. If you upgrade the Jackdaw, you can also do significant damage by ramming ships. 

For most naval contracts, upgrades are critical. Advanced upgrades are usually good enough, but Elite upgrades will always make the contract easier to complete. Even if you want to jump right in, consider if you have enough weapon and armor upgrades to take down enemy ships.

A Personal Matter

This mission will start at Fort Navassa. You need to sink the HMS Defiance to complete the contract. Try to get this ship’s attention while it’s alone in order to make it easier on yourself. Upgraded armor and weapons will make it even easier. After sinking it, collect the 1,800 Reales reward.

A Spanish Plague

Begin this mission at Fort Eleuthera. To finish the mission, you have to sink three Spanish gunships. This mission is pretty easy, especially if you have upgraded the Jackdaw at all. The ships are weak so you shouldn’t have too much trouble. You get 1,200 Reales for finishing the mission.

An Eye for an Eye

Start this mission at Fort Castillo de Jagua. To complete the contract, you’ll need to board the San Lorenzo ship. Before approaching, take out any other smaller ships in the area, as the San Lorenzo is going to fight back to stop you from boarding. Successfully complete the mission to receive 1,800 Reales. 

Blind Justice

Start this mission at Fort Navassa. You’ll need to sink a British escort in this contract, and then board the Man o’ War ship. Before you can get close, you need to take out three brigs protecting the ships. Try to do this mission when you have the hull armor upgrades. Completing the mission gets you 1,800 Reales. 


This difficult mission starts at Fort Chinchorro. You’ll need to take out three powerful ships in this contract, including one Spanish frigate and two brigs. To try to finish this mission successfully, look for ships on their own instead of a group of them. Make sure you are upgraded enough to take them on. If you can finish it, you’ll get 2,400 Reales.


This mission, which starts at Fort Cabo de Cruz, requires you to loot 60 pieces of wood off of some schooners. If you already have the wood on your ship, you can turn it in immediately. Otherwise, go looking for some ships carrying crates of wood to get enough. The mission gives you 1,800 Reales for turning them in.

The Final Contract

This is the last naval contract you’ll be able to do. It only unlocks after all other missions have been completed. Start it at Fort Serranilla. You will need to protect a ship called the Hollander to complete the mission. There will be three waves of difficult enemies to fight though, so make sure the Jackdaw is upgraded as much as possible before trying this contract. After finishing the mission successfully, you’ll get a 2,400 Reales reward.

Hunter Gatherer

This mission starts at Fort Charlotte, and it requires you to sink two Hunter ships. This will be fairly easy with an upgraded Jackdaw. Look for ships alone to make it really easy. Completing the contract gets you 2,400 Reales. 

The Law of the Ocean

This mission starts at Fort Conttoyor. To complete it, you have to board the ship called The Hercules. To be successful, you’ll need to have upgraded cannons, as there are five ships involved in this mission. Take your time to ensure you can take out the other ships before letting the Hercules approach you so you can board. Completing the mission gets you 1,800 Reales.

Papers Please

For this mission, begin at Fort Charlotte. An upgraded Jackdaw will make this mission easy. The goal of the mission is to sink the HMS Courage. Use your mortars to take her down and get the reward of 2,400 Reales. 

Private Escort

This is a challenging mission that starts at Fort Dry Tortuga. You will need to protect another ship called the Neptuno. There will be three waves of enemies that you need to defeat in order to keep the Neptuno safe. You’ll only be able to finish this mission successfully if you have upgrade the Jackdaw, specifically, its armor. Avoid hitting the Neptuno while firing on enemies. Finish the contract to get 2,400 Reales. 

The Realities of War

This mission begins at Fort Conttoyor. To finish it, you need to sink the Spanish convoy. There are two waves of enemies to take out, but luckily, you have some ally ships helping you out. Use your strongest weapons to take out the enemies. Completing this mission successfully gets you 2,400 Reales. 

Silk on the Waves

Begin this mission at Fort Gibara. You’ll need to collect 30 pieces of cloth for this one. Find cloth on schooners. You can turn this in immediately if you already have the goods. Otherwise, use your spyglass to find ships with cloth. Turn it in to the merchant to get 1,800 Reales.

Smuggler’s Den

This mission starts at Fort Chinchorro. You will need to break a blockade of Spanish ships to be successful. You’ll need the Jackdaw to be heavily upgraded in order to get through. It’s in a restricted area, so everything will be after you from the start. Take every ship out to get through and collect the reward of 2,400 Reales. 

Weathering the Storm

Start this contract at Fort Punta Guarico. To complete this mission, you have to sink a British fleet. It is actually really easy to do if you have some armor and weapon upgrades. The fleet only has five ships, so take them out as quickly as possible to get the reward of 1,200 Reales.