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Valve Corporation’s Products – the Most Popular in the E-Sport Events of May 2014

TIME : 2016-1-30 15:35:12

Beyond all doubt, Valve Corporation is one of the most successful video games developers. It has developed such legendary games as Half Life and its sequels, Counter-Strike and its sequels and DotA 2. At present time the least two disciplines are subjects of international tournaments. Both cs and dota 2 betting are open for fans and amateurs all over the Internet beforehand and during the significant international matches.
The beginning of May, 2014 is full of e-sport events, where CS:GO and DotA 2 are major cyber disciplines. Reputable Internet totalizators welcome voters and spectators to dota 2 and cs bet while it is still available online. Egaming Bets, for instance, accepts bets before and during the matches that were put for betting on their table.
Dota 2 betting is urgent at the ASUS DOG Dream League Season 1 that has started on March 3rd. All the 84 matches of the league were and will be broadcast via the new DreamHack TV6 Studio that is located in Stockholm. The prize pool of the tournament totals $100 000. Tonight the Ukrainian NatusVincere and the European Fnatic are to face each other and fight for the next step closer to the Finals. Egaming Bets broadcasts the match and is open for bets from the fans of either team. But the most fascinating matches for fruitful dota 2 betting are to be held at DreamHack Summer 2014.
The beginning of May was notable for CS gamers and amateurs due to the final matches in the Star Series Season 9 that took place in Kyiv. The CS fans were welcome to cs bet and gain money for the matches held at the Kyiv Cybersport Arena from the 2nd to the 4th of May. Egaming Bets has published the details of the Finals. The $30 000 prize pool was spread among the 4 finalists: Natus Vincere ($15 000 for the victory), Ninjas in Pyjamas ($7 000 for being the runners-up), Titan eSports ($5 000 for the 3rd place) and ($3 000 for closing the top 4 of the winners). Those who had put a cs bet for the Na’Vi in the Finals were the winners among the Star Series 9 CS:GO online betters.