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Land of Warlords – The Ultimate Guide: Tips, Tricks, Strategies, Cheats and Hints

TIME : 2015-12-24 10:29:33

Land of Warlords is a new mobile RPG for the iPhone and iPad. Not only is there a nearly endless amount of expeditions that you can send your band of heroes on, but the arena mode lets you play king of the hill against a large array of rival players to see who’s really the best. Read on for some tips and tricks for Land of Warlords!

The first step in building a strong team is to put the best heroes out there. As you progress through the game and beat different expedition areas, you’ll find more heroes to join your party. Eventually you’ll end up with more heroes than you have available spaces in your party. In this case, take the least rare heroes out of your party (in star rating), unequip them, give the rarest heroes the best equipment and put them in the party.

Of course the more heroes you actually have in your party, the better. Go to the formation and upgrade it as much as you can in order to earn more hero slots. Fill all of the hero slots as best you can, all the way up until you have the full load of heroes in your party. Plus, the more upgrades, the more different formation arrangements you can unlock. The further ahead a character is, the more damage they will both do and take.

Next, equip everyone with a full load of equipment, and enhance the equipment as much as you can. Do as much mining as possible to earn silver for enhancement purposes, and complete the missions to earn silver, but especially use all of your free levy attempts as often as possible. Enhancing your equipment provides HUGE stat boosts. You can enhance anything to a maximum level equivalent to that hero’s level.

Use the skip button at any time in battle to make short work of it; however, when you’re getting beaten, go back and watch the entire battle to see where your weak link is, which character and what statistic of theirs specifically is the driving force behind your loss, or at least the biggest driving force. Then go back and improve them.

The first kill is the only one that’s worth it when it comes to how much experience points you gain – otherwise, grinding on the same stage over and over will earn you about 1 exp for every 100 you earned the first time. However, if a stage has sword fragments or fragments of any other item, go back for those so that you can earn them and take them to be forged into equipment later on.