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Hello Hero – How to get more Honor Points, Gold and Carats

TIME : 2015-12-24 10:36:06

Hello Hero is Fincon’s extraordinarily weird and quirky RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. Honor points are one of the niche currencies of the game. Their main use is to summon troops and to buy more items. Gold is the main currency and are mainly used for upgrading your heroes. Carats are the premium currency of the game, and are used for everything from speed-up purchases to rare heroes. Read on to find out how to get more of all three!

Honor points can be earned by playing in the arena, sending them back and forth with your friends, and randomly from completing dungeons. The arena and sending back and forth to friends are two of the most consistent methods – you just need a whole lot of friends, and a whole lot of time spent in the arena to consistently max out. Plus, complete quests for loads of free honor points.

You can only hold 35 maximum honor points at a time, though, at least initially. To increase your maximum honor points, though, you’ll need to level characters up to 30. Each character that reaches level 30 will increase the maximum amount of honor points that you can hold at a time.

Gold is earned mainly from completing quests, and from completing battles. Battles in the main questing regions and in the dungeons will earn you loads of gold; as you gain player experience, you’ll unlock more battle modes, too. Plus, complete quests and collect the quest rewards to earn loads of gold.

There are two main ways to earn more carats for free in this game. The first is to complete quests which state that you earn carats as a reward. The second main way to earn carats is to level players up to 30. Just like with the max honor point increases, each character that is leveled all the way up to 30 will earn you free carats.

Another way to earn free gold is to complete collections of heroes of a certain race. To see all of the available races, go to the Recruit screen, and tab over to race. Click over to each race, and the rewards will either be gold, new heroes or items, or a massive amount of gold.