Fallout 4

TIME : 2015-12-16 14:37:17

Leaked images regarding the “Fallout 4” (for the PlayStation 4 version) surfaced in the online environment. These screenshots first popped up on the Reddit website and unveiled a vast array of guns, new characters, Pip-Boy, a strange dog and more. According to Gear Nuke’s post” These screenshots were apparently leaked by a user who had access to an early copy of the game. Sadly, these screenshots were compressed and as a result, the quality wasn’t that good and it only added to the low quality graphics.” The same source continues claiming that “NeoGAF user shinobi602 has managed to get his hands on some uncompressed screenshots from the retail version of the game. These screenshots appear to be taken from the PS4 version of the game, and while the graphics appear to be the same, they do look much better than the earlier leaked screenshots.”

Even so, the company refused to make any statements about the latter screenshots. In other news, Todd Howard (CEO) strongly argues that “graphics matter” and the company is planning on making the PC variant of the game way better than the console one in terms of graphics.

Gear Note also affirms “While Fallout 4 is a current generation and PC release, it won’t be surprising to assume that it was once considered for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Fallout 4 is also being developed on the same engine that has been used for the past few games of Bethesda Softworks including Skyrim. Since it is an old engine, it is starting to show its age and we can see this first hand in Fallout 4.”

Fallout 4 launch date

Every Fallout game enthusiast is looking forward for Bethesda’s “Fallout 4” game iteration. The waiting has now become just a matter of days as November 10 is the big unveiling date of “Fallout 4”.